Samsung Galaxy S10: Five Things From Galaxy S9 To Fix

Yves Amodia
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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the Korean tech giant’s flagship phone model for the year. It could be the strongest generation in the product line considering the lukewarm and muted public response to the S9. Due to the many issues that the S9 had, the future of the Galaxy smartphone series is on the shoulders of the S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 improvements

The Galaxy S10 is the biggest chance for Samsung to redeem itself after the issues plaguing its phones in recent years. These are five features of the S9 that needs to be fixed for the next generation Galaxy smartphone:

Lackluster native apps

A lot of experts and users have said that Samsung’s software is not on par with the quality of its hardware. Native apps like the built-in keyboard and messaging apps, for example, lack the amazing features of phones from Google and Apple.

AR Emoji

One of the most derided features of the S9 is Samsung’s attempt at building an emoji maker. It is so far behind Apple’s own Memoji app, which is at the top of the emoji maker race right now.

Improved camera

The standard for camera quality is rising every year. The camera of the S9, for example, has not been as well-received as its predecessors as other companies have invested heavily on camera features.

Dead screen zones

Samsung has admitted that there are parts of their phones’ screens that have problematic sensitivity to touch. It is so bad that a lot of people call Samsung phones “zombie screens” now. The Samsung Galaxy S10 should correct that.

No customization option for Bixby Voice button

Bixby, the Samsung smartphone AI assistant that will compete with Siri and Alexa, does not have a positive reception among users. It does not have a customization option, which can make it useless.

What are your biggest issues about the S9? Do you think it will be fixed in the Samsung Galaxy S10? Put your thoughts into words in the comments section below.

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