Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Eight Bixby Voice Assistant Tricks You Should Know

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As the Korean giant’s latest flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 introduces a lot of innovations into the smartphone world. But perhaps one of the best things about it is the fact that it has better Bixby voice assistant integration.

Bixby voice assistant tricks for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Bixby is not as popular as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa in the virtual voice-activated personal assistant race but it looks like Samsung’s newest flagship could change that. The following are eight tricks for Bixby that you can use for your Note 9:

Translator feature

Having trouble understanding a certain sentence in a foreign language? Just point your camera into the written sentence and then tap Text and then Translate.

Quick Commands

Do you want to make the access to certain commands to be faster and easier? You no longer need to remember a long string of commands by setting up Quick Commands.

Text other people your current location

With the Bixby voice assistant, you will be able to tell where you are. If you do not know how to read maps, you can command Bixby to send your location to someone so they can give you directions.

Camera-related voice instructions

Don’t have a photographer or a friend with you? You can give commands for Bixby to take pictures for you with the stunning camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Typing notes on a smartphone screen can be difficult. If it would be better for you, you can have Bixby voice assistant take notes. Just say “Hi, Bixby, dictate” after opening your note-taking app.

Switch on a setting that is hard to find

For those who are having trouble finding a certain setting, Bixby is a big lifesaver. This way, you will no longer have to spend minutes just looking for something.

Text extraction from a photo

Do you have written notes that you took in a meeting? Just take a picture and extract the text from it. You will have the notes in text form in no time on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Get a laugh with Bixby

Feeling stressed? Get a laugh through jokes from Bixby. Just like Siri, Bixby has great jokes as well.

Bixby in always-on status

As helpful as Bixby can be in improving access to different features of the Note 9, it can be a problem too. The Bixby Key settings are not present on the new Samsung device, according to the Verge.

This means that users will not be able to switch off the personal assistant whenever they want to. Even when you search it on the smartphone, the display will only show an empty screen.

Generally speaking, Bixby will still not be able to compete with more popular voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant (which is also on the Note 9) yet. But it does improve the smartphone’s accessibility.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9? How do you think will these Bixby voice assistant tricks be able to improve the experience on Samsung smartphones? Let us hear your thoughts and opinions about the company’s virtual voice-powered personal assistant and its latest flagship phone.

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