Samsung Galaxy Note 9: 6 Reasons Why Apple Should Be Worried

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The buying public eagerly waited for the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. With the phone coming later this month, the handset is the Korean giant’s opportunity to improve its reputation after a few stumbles in the past three years. It is becoming apparent, however, that a resurgent Samsung could be a nightmare for its main rival Apple, which is also prepping for the release of the iPhone X2 or iPhone X Plus.

Why Apple should be worried about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

While Apple is sure to have surprises in store for the iPhone X Plus as well, they should be wary of the potentially huge sales and positive reaction to the Galaxy Note 9. These are eight features and specs of the Galaxy Note 9 that should make it the envy of Apple:

Double the storage

Storage is one of the strongest features of the Note 9, according to T3. The base model of the smartphone product is at 128 GB. There are two other choices for the storage: 256GB and 512GB. This will enable users to pack as many files into their phones.

Larger display

The Galaxy Note 9 has a 6.4-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen. It has an 83.4 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is a 0.2 percent improvement over the previous Galaxy Note phone. In comparison, the iPhone X only has a 5.8-inch screen.

Bigger phone

When compared to most of the smartphones in Apple’s product line, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is bigger. It weighs 201 grams, with the dimensions of 161.9 x 76.4 x 8.8mm.

More camera zoom functionality

The next Galaxy Note is one of the most powerful cameras that Samsung has ever put out on a phone. One of the strongest features is the 10x digital zoom capacity that it has. Only a few phones have that same zoom capacity, making the smartphone a must-have.

Better RAM capacity

The Galaxy Note 9 has 6GB and 8GB RAM variants. This means its processing power is among the best in the market right now.

Enhanced battery life

If there is one thing that should convince buyers to purchase the newest Galaxy Note smartphone, it is the longer battery life. For the Note 9, Samsung designed a battery with 4,000mAh capacity, with a wireless charging feature.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There are several media outlets reporting that the iPhone X is still better than the new Galaxy Note smartphone, according to 9 to 5 Mac. Geekbench 4 testing has suggested that the iPhone X can outperform both the Note 9 and the OnePlus 6.

That said, the latest Samsung phone did observe major improvements over its predecessor. The Note 9 managed to get an overall score of 8,876, which makes it better than the Google Pixel 2 XL and the Note 8.

The Galaxy Note 9 will start pre-orders tomorrow. Its official release date will be on Friday, August 24.

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be the product that will lead to Samsung’s further dominance in the smartphone race? Should Apple be worried by now? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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