Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Five Rumors About Upcoming Phablet Smartphone

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is arguably one of the most exciting smartphone devices to be scheduled for release by the Korean tech giant in the next few years. After all, it is in one of the company’s top product lines, with the first Galaxy Note notable for being the first successful example of a “phablet,” then marketed as a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumored features and specs

Even before the release of its predecessor Note 9, the Galaxy Note 10 is already making waves among tech circles. These are five rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that have the biggest chance of becoming true when the device is released:

Ultrasonic fingerprint reader

One of the reasons why people are excited about the Galaxy Note 10 is the fact that it will be getting the ultrasonic fingerprint reader. This means that the device will have its fingerprint reader on its display screen instead of in the back. Furthermore, the fingerprint reader may be sourced from chip manufacturer Qualcomm, according to GSM Arena.

Five cameras

Credible reports have divulged that the Note 10 may have five cameras. Three of these cameras will be placed on the rear side of the phone. Each of these rear cameras has a different photo resolution, which ranges from 12MP to 16MP. The front cameras, meanwhile, are made mainly for better selfies.

Upgraded S Pen stylus

Samsung will be making big upgrades and improvements on the S Pen stylus in the coming years. The stylus for the Galaxy Note 10 may be receiving the Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable battery features that are expected by many to come on the Note 9 version as well.

Galaxy S10-ish design

As with previous Note phones in the past, the Note 10 will have a similar design to the S phone released in the same year, which is the Galaxy S10. Since the S10 will not have a display notch, it is reasonable to assume that the Note will also have no notch in it. It will also have increased screen space and fewer bezels.

5G support

With wireless carriers all over the world starting the upgrades to 5G support in the next year, the 5G compatibility in the Note 10 makes a lot of sense. In fact, Samsung is fighting hard for the Galaxy S10 to be one of the first 5G-compatible phones to hit stores. The Note 5 is expected to follow through with the same connectivity feature right after.

Other coming Samsung devices

In other Samsung-related news, it looks like the Korean company is preparing for a new series within their Galaxy flagship brand. Reports say that the Samsung Galaxy A will start a product series that prioritizes cosmetic appeal with mid-range specs and not-so-midrange prices.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will also be sold in three variants, with screen sizes that range from 5.8 inches to 6.4 inches. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy X may also be coming in the next few months.

How do you think will the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 look upon release? Will this signal an exciting, new direction for all devices from the company looking forward? Post an entry in the comments section below.

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