Sad News For The Jailbreak Community: Apple Stops Signing In iOS 12.0.1, Downgrade Now Impossible

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Cupertino-based tech company Apple has finally stopped signing in the iOS 12.0.1 firmware. It was just last month since the company released that firmware. And for the jailbreak community, this is sad news because downgrading from the recent firmware (iOS 12.1) is no longer possible.

In regards to jailbreaking, those who are on the lookout for jailbreaks are recommended to stick to older versions. This is why whenever Apple releases a new firmware, the people from the jailbreak community will think twice before upgrading – some will upgrade and stick with it for a couple of days just to experience what the new firmware feels like and then switch back to the older firmware.

So, Are There Any iOS 12 Jailbreaks Releasing Soon?

Not long ago, iFenix @(iFenixx), a prominent figure in the jailbreak community posted a tweet regarding the upcoming/finished/currently in the works iOS 12.0 to 12.1 jailbreak. When will they be released? We don’t know.

As for SorryMyBad (@S0rryMyBad) from 360 Vulcan security team, he promised that he will release more information regarding their successful exploit soon. He and his team were able to gain full access to the iPhone X through a type confusion JIT bug in Safari and a UaF bug in iOS kernel.

As for Umang Raghuvanshi (@umanghere), last October he advised people to stay on 12.0.1 or below for now. The following month, he posted another tweet advising people to not upgrade to the iOS 12 firmware.

As for Liang Chen (@chenliang0817) from Tencent Keen Lab, earlier this month, he announced via Twitter that he will be presenting at POC 2018. A few days later, he posted another tweet a demoing a jailbroken iPhone XS on the iOS 12.1 firmware.

So far, Chen hasn’t released any information on whether it will be released to the public domain or not. However, many in the jailbreak community believe there won’t be a public release.

Regardless of whether it’s true or not, a report notes that jailbreak exploits sell for millions of dollars. For this reason, it’s quite understandable why some jailbreak teams won’t release a jailbreak of the latest firmware as soon as possible.

But hey, for those who are waiting for an iOS 12.0.1 jailbreak and are currently on that firmware, just stay on that firmware. Who knows, someone or some team might release one soon.

Anyways, what are your thoughts about Apple stopped signing in the iOS 12.0.1? Also, will there be a jailbreak of that firmware released in the public domain? Tell us in the comment section below.

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