Apple Watch Series 4: Latest Rumors, Specs, Price, and Release Date

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The Apple Watch made it to the market in 2015. During a span of three years, it became the leading watch in the industry, although most of its design is pretty much the same. Enhancements such as GPS along with a thorough swim-ready water resistance and onboard cellular connectivity that were in the Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Series 3 respectively.

Apple’s next Watch model may be introduced with huge changes in terms of how the watch will really look like. Since the time has come for the Apple Watch Series 4 to contend with the brand new smartwatch of Google and the forthcoming Galaxy Watch. The smartwatch battle seems to be really keyed up this 2018.

Apple’s watchOS5, which was introduced during the WWDC in San Jose saw a lot of changes and enhancement. Along the upgrades are fitness improvements, instant watch-to-watch walkie-talkie mode, podcasts support, along with the capacity to play audio from third-apps that can be lugged around.

The Apple Watch Series 4 expected date of release is expected to be in September. The previous Apple iPhones were launched one to two weeks after Labor Day, where the Apple Watch came along with the iPhone in the past two years. So, it is likely that Apple will be unveiling its forthcoming watch in the same manner.

For the past few years, the Apple Watch price has been lowered. However, the Apple Watch Series 3’s price kicks-off at $329 (£329, AU$459) making it possible that the next-gen Apple Watch 4 is around that same price range. Though cellular models like the Series 3 might have a higher price.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s spring report says that the upcoming Apple Watch will sport a 15% bigger display. The current Apple Watch models have reasonable amounts of bezel concealed by the black borders of the smartwatch with black OLED readouts. This time it is anticipated that the Apple Watch Series 4 will have a larger display for more space to contain information and messages.

The slimmer design of the upcoming Apple Watch is apparently because of its clickable side button and spinning clickable digital crown. A Fast Company latest report says that the said buttons are solid-state along with a haptic-enabled click sensor similar to the home buttons of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 including the latest MacBook trackpads.

The Apple Watches’ Taptic Engine makes them already exceptionally refined, and the solid-state buttons can likewise assist the watch to be extra water resistant. Contactless charging provides faster charging for numerous Apple devices like iPhones, AirPods, and the Apple Watch. Apple says that the Apple Watch Series 3 is AirPower-ready, and if AirPower does exist it might be together with the next iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

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