Sony’s favorite horror game series Resident Evil is all set to make a comeback with its 8th part. Resident Evil 8, as per speculations, is set to pick up the story from where the 7th part ended.

Resident Evil is first-person gameplay with a haunted house atmosphere. The new series would emphasize the supernatural akin to the franchises like The Exorcist and Blair Witch.

Resident Evil 8: Release date

As per rumors, the Resident Evil 8 PC version is all set to be released in 2021. On June 11, PlayStation 5 Livestream Son and Capcorm announced Resident Evil 8: Village that would be released alongside PlayStation 5. However, due to the current pandemic situation, the release might be postponed due to the Sony event delay. Although Sony has given no particular date regarding the release of the new game.

Resident Evil 8: Teaser

The Resident Evil 8 teaser is already available on the streaming platforms. In the trailer, another haunted house is revealed amidst the wintry climate. Resident Evil 8 appears to have more focus on supernatural monsters rather than the usual crop of Resident Evil villains like zombies and mutants.

The trailer ends with Ethan, the returning protagonist of Resident Evil 8, looking at a shadowy figure. “Chris?” Chris apologizes to Ethan and shoots a body on the floor.

Capcom, the series developer and publisher had already released Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes a year apart. This indicates that the horror franchise is likely to continue with the annual installments of the game.

Resident Evil 8: Leaks

As per the alleged leaks, the Resident Evil 8 reveal can be just around the corner if it remains uninfluenced by the current COVID situation. Some sources have also cited that the new series would be launched in April 2021. The Resident Evil 8 will ship with weird name lines that completely are in line with the game’s leaked title, Resident Evil Village.

The village would also match with the VIII Roman numerals in the title of the game series. According to some reports, German games retailer Games Only had accidentally leaked the title as the name of Capcom’s next Resident Evil title. Currently, the listings for Resident Evil Village have been deleted, but Google still brings up three broken inks to the leaked listings.

In a press release, Sony PS5 revealed that the storyline of Resident Evil Village would be set a few years after the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 7 biohazard. The new storyline would begin with Ethan and his wife Mia living a peaceful life free from the past nightmares. Just as they are on the verge of rebuilding their life, tragedy strikes them again. As per some sources, Chris Redfield, the legendary hero from the Resident Evil series, is all set to make a brief appearance in the new series.