Latest Patent Revealing 'Redesigned Microsoft Surface Pro 6' With Thinner Keyboard Spotted

Daphne Planca
6:40 PM

The tech company Microsoft appears to be looking into many ways to make their devices attractive and saleable to the consumers. They are reportedly working on a new design for the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 to make it thinner than its previous versions.

According to PocketNow, the company just filed a recent patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The Surface Pro Type Cover redesign will suggest cutting the upcoming device and making it thinner. The trackpad will be integrated directly into the circuit board resulting in a thinner one for the keyboard. This feature is used to move the mouse cursor.

In the patent filing, the keyboard has been modified with minor improvements through the versions of the Surface Pro 4 to Surface Pro 6 without major changes. The older type covers still function well on modern devices. To those who are not aware, the Type Cover is used to protect the screen. If it is thinner, it will help make the future Surface Pros slimmer and more portable. However, the keys will be very near to each other. This can lead to an unsatisfying typing experience.

This will likely happen because the company has been constantly tweaking about it over the years. They also used to sell this touch cover with a thinner profile and fabric keys. This also indicates the next version might bring a bigger change. The company was also reported to experiment with models that have thinner screen bezels, USB-C, and a more round design like the current Surface Go.

The highly anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is expected to launch by the end of 2019. The Type Cover will possibly be sold separately and pricey. However, it the company manages to create this cover to be comfortable to type on, then this could make the future Surface Pro devices even more slender and elegant.

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