Red Dead Redemption 2: Upcoming Game Pitted Against GTA 6

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Both Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 6 are upcoming Rockstar Games titles. Due to the excitement for both these games, it is only normal for avid gamers to compare the two. Due to the massive success of Grand Theft Auto V, however, it seems that Grand Theft Auto 6 may steal some of the Red Dead prequel’s thunder.

Red Dead Redemption 2 vs Grand Theft Auto 6

While the next Red Dead Redemption game is already a surefire success, Rockstar Games does not see it reaching the sales of Grand Theft Auto V, according to NSEA Voice. It seems that the developer instead reserves the heavy expectation of massive success on the GTA 6.

After all the latter broke records and became the world’s top-selling entertainment product. The sales were so high, in fact, that Rockstar Games has not put out any new IP since 2013. GTA 5 more than made up the $265 million price tag in its development by earning more than $6 billion.

Preview of the next Red Dead Redemption on GTA 5 Online

In related Red Dead Redemption prequel news, you can already start experiencing elements of the game through Grand Theft Auto V. A crossover mission on GTA 5 Online will unlock a weapon that will be in the upcoming game, according to Game Spot. The weapon will take the form of a stone hatchet. It is the second RDR2-related mission on the online game. Last December, a Double-Action Revolver was already unveiled.

The Red Dead Redemption prequel will be officially released on Friday, October 26. It will arrive on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is still no word as to when Grand Theft Auto 6 finishes development.

Do you think that Red Dead Redemption 2 should get as much attention from Rockstar Games? Should the developer put more resources on GTA 6? Post a comment below.

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