Reasons Why You Should Limit Your Tea Intake

Purnima Gupta
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Chai is one of the most sought-after refreshment drink. Whether it is a rainy day or after work hours, tea is a must-have for many of us. We all run for our cuppas, isn’t it? Tea has become a part of our daily ritual, especially the morning cuppa just cannot be missed. And, why not! Tea contains flavonoids and antioxidants which are good for health. According to a study, drinking 3 cups of tea every day can reduce the risk of heart diseases.

While we happily sip our teas, we also forget the downside of having too much of it. So, what could be limitations to having our favorite chai?? Most of us don’t wish to limit our tea intake. But as the saying goes – too much of anything can turn bad too. Now, let’s evaluate how too much tea can play spoilsport for our health.

We know that tea or drinks like coffee contain caffeine. Once we start having regular teas, we develop a dependency on caffeine too. This makes our crib for the dose of caffeine regularly. One of the most startling cons of having too many cups of tea is reduced iron absorption in the body. When we take too many cups of tea our body absorbs 60% iron, according to recent research conducted by Colorado University.

According to health experts, having too much tea can also disrupt the medical treatment. Tea was found to be intervening with the effectiveness of certain anti-biotic. Hence, it’s must do to confirm the amount of tea consumption with your physician before following a strict medical treatment.

Many studies have tried to quote a standard limit for taking tea on a daily basis. As per the popular notion, 4-5 cups of tea is healthy for our system. However, if you are taking 10 cups per day then be wary of the consequences. Heartburn and disturbed digestive system are some of the health issues reported for having too much tea.

How much is your upper limit of tea intake? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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