Reasons Behind Excessive Sweating Revealed

Purnima Gupta
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Sweating is a natural biological process. Our bodies’ perspire in order to cool off due to rising body temperature. Sweating is considered good however, there is a downside too. Over sweaty body or armpits can be a social turn off. Excessive sweating can leave us embarrassed. It has been noted that this can lead to inferiority complex in many.

According to a research study published in Medical Daily, perspiration depends upon several factors like weight, anxiety level, activity and climate or environment. Usually, overweight people tend to sweat more as the body mechanism considers excessive fat creates more heat thus, require more cooling. Today, we are trying here to list down main reasons and facts related to over sweating.


Overactive sweat glands lead to a condition called Hyperhidrosis. People having this acute condition can sweat faster than normal individuals without it. Body parts such as the face, palm, feet, back, and armpits sweat unevenly. Plus, the foul smell of the sweat can make anyone too embarrassed to even shake a hand with people. This is a medical condition and should be treated by an experienced physician with proper medication.

Food Intake

Our body radiates according to what we take in. When you are having an unprecedented amount of poultry, red meat such as beef or steak and consuming food made with unrefined oil, you are allowing your body to store excessive fat. Irregular intake of food items high-fat items can lead to unwanted fat deposits. As mentioned earlier, excessive fat and being overweight can largely contribute to excessive sweating.


Coffee, tea and occasional boozing are some of the most common lifestyle characteristics. When we start taking alcohol on a regular basis, our body temperature rises due to the presence of acute substances. To process such substance, our bodies require more effort. Thus, we end up sweating more after having the irregular amount of caffeine and alcohol.


Smoking is widely criticized for its ill effects. Smokers are the high risk of developing ailments of the heart and lungs. In addition to the life-threatening condition, the nicotine present in cigarettes causes stimulation of acetylcholine. This chemical called acetylcholine stimulates the sweat glands to sweat more. Therefore, when you go out for another fag break, keep this fact in mind.


People suffering from anxiety disorders also tend to sweat a lot. Being in tension, people often over-sweat such as waiting for an interview result or giving an interview for a dream job. The situation like this can leave many of us in nervous sweating. If this condition becomes a common phenomenon then it can become a matter of concern.

To counter this, one can try to cool off their bodies by handling situation more sensibly. Do not feel overwhelmed, take deep breathes and avoid anxiety at all costs. To be able to control anxiety disorder one needs to practice deep breathing on a regular basis. If you feel that it is getting beyond control, go for a reliable medical treatment.

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