Here's The Main Reason Behind Mavic 2 Drone's Delay

Ronald Balondo
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DJI announces that they postponed the highly anticipated event called ‘See The Bigger Picture,’ which the company will introduce the much awaited Mavic 2. The reason behind the indefinite delay is still unknown but rumors suggest that a possibility of design flaws pushed the drone’s release. Few days after the announcement, DroneDJ’s Haye Kesteloo received a message from DJI directly.

The message states that “to ensure what we deliver to the market is up to our standard of innovation and we will have enough products available to ship to our customers when we do launch the product.” Based on the email, the reason behind the postponement of the event is not stated but only pointed out the importance of the quality of their products.

The postponement of the event brought a huge talk around the community. Also, DJI fans hoping that they could get the new Mavic 2, felt a shock after the company canceled the event few days prior to the schedule

The Chinese drone maker is known to be one of the biggest manufacturers of commercial drones today. DJI brought a collection of machines that bring enjoyment and ease of use to its consumers.

Their famous line, the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro series sit on the top of the leaderboards and the postponement of the release of its successor give a huge drawback to all fans looking forward to the next installment.

According to some news surfacing about the issue, the company faces a hardware problem within the unit’s gimbal setup. This posts a huge problem since the company might have already shipped some of the units in the supply chains. DJI might need to recall all the new drones from their supply chains and might need to implement extensive checking and remodeling to the new Mavic 2.

OsitaLV, a huge source of information regarding DJI, mentioned in a tweet that “A message from a highly reliable source, about the postponement of the “See the Bigger Picture” event. (NOT CONFIRMED YET!) DJI found a serious design failure of the gimbal, but mass-production had already begun, so they called it off. About 150000 products needed to be reworked.”

DJI also added in their email that, “a lot of excitement in the market on what’s to come, so we will definitely keep everyone posted when we are ready to make an official announcement.” Consumers will get updates soon once the company sorted out a plan for fixing the issue they have with their new series.

Currently, DJI still hasn’t announced any information about the ‘See The Bigger Picture’ event and has yet to provide an official statement about the delay. Still, many drone enthusiasts are looking forward and hoping that the quality of the new Mavic 2 will not be compromised by the delay.

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