Razer Phone 2 Is Coming Next Month And It's Going To Be Amazing - Here's Why

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On October 10, 2018, the new Razer Phone 2 is coming. Based on its reported specs and features, it’s definitely going to be one hell of a gaming smartphone.

So what are the things that you need to know about the upcoming device? Well, let’s review them.

A Powerful Processor or The Same?

Although there have been reports about the said device featuring a Snapdragon 855 chip, that doesn’t seem to be the case. This is because the chip’s production is set to begin in Q4 2018.

So what will chips will it be having? An Antutu benchmark claims that it will be packed with the SD 845 and Adreno 630.

However, on a Google Play Certification, it claims that it will be armed with the SD 835 and Adreno 540. And what’s worth noting about this is that these are the same chips featured on the first-gen model – the Razer Phone.

Improved Cameras

With its predecessor, although it was no doubt a great phone, there were some who criticized it for its overall camera experience. It features a dual (12MP + 12MP) rear camera and an 8 MP selfie camera.

But for the upcoming Razer Phone 2, despite the fact that information about it camera has been close to nonexistent (which makes it a bit worrying), tech enthusiasts are still optimistic that it will come with better cameras compared to the currently available model. Let’s just hope that this will definitely come true.

Chroma LED Technology

One of the things that Razer is known for its RGB technology products which is why it comes to no surprise when we heard that the upcoming smartphone will be having this feature. To be specific, reports suggest that it will feature Razer’s own RGB software called Chroma. With this, the new phone could come with an improved LED notification light, or some kind of LED strips that can be synchronized with your music, games or videos, for a more colorful experience.

But hopefully, it won’t make any problems in regards to its battery life because it is a gaming smartphone. Longer battery life is more important.

The Battery

For its battery, there are no changes. Razer Phone 2 will house the same 4,000 mAh that was featured on the previous model.

The Memory

With its predecessor, it featured 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage with an expandable memory storage of up to 512 GB (microSD). Meanwhile, with the successor, based on the Antutu benchmark, it seems that it will be featuring 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB ROM.

Because of this, reports are speculating that the successor won’t come with a microSD support. Whether this is true or not, it’s hard to say. Only time will tell.

The Design

For the design, well, depending on one’s preference, it could be good or bad news. The thing about its design, there’s this comparison photo which features the predecessor and the successor side by side.

Razer Phone 2

Credit- Android Headlines

As you can see, their design is identical (the right one is the Razer Phone 2). So if you’re one of the people that loved the design of the first-generation model and don’t want any changes for the second-generation model, then good for you. But for those who were expecting a “new design”, well, it’s a bit disappointing.

The Price Tag

In regards to its price tag, the first-generation was released with a price tag of $699. However, it featured 8GB/64GB with microSD up to 512GB. And given that the Razer Phone 2 is reportedly going to sport 8GB/512 GB, it’s hard to imagine that it will be price range. But hey, maybe there will be other storage options available.

Are you looking forward to the Razer Phone 2? Tell us in the comment section below.

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