Ram Setu Existed, Affirms US Science Channel

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Ram Setu was built by Lord Ram and his Vanar Sena, according to Hindu mythology and the ancient sacred scripture “Ramayana”. These claims have been reaffirmed by an American TV channel – The Science channel. There are many other claims as well wherein, the significance of the Ram Setu has been focused upon. Such claims also hold importance in the wake of justifying Lord Rama’ s existence.

As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Rama was the son of king Dashratha who built this bridge (Ram Setu) to reach Sri Lanka. Ram Setu was built by Rama to reach the evil king Ravana’s Lanka and save his wife Sita.

Renewed Claims of The Setu

In recent claims, the American TV channel “The Science Channel” renewed the tale behind Ram Setu. They declared that the Setu is not natural but looks man made. The rocks are 7000 years old and series of limestones are placed to create a bridge like formation. They further stated that the sandbar is just 4000 years old while the stone above them are almost 7000 years old.

On the contrary, scholars have earlier dejected the claims of the existence of a Ram Setu built by Lord Rama. They contradicted that according to Ramayana a bridge was built about 5000 years ago with human effort. While building such a formation could only be possible through a superhuman effort.

Political Tussle

While during the UPA led government, Sethusamudram project was proposed to build a shipping canal between India and Sri Lanka. However, this project could be in trouble now as the central government in power is strongly opposing this project.

The real outcome of this mystery or myth may take many years to conclude. But the legend behind the Ramayana and Lord Rama’s existence continues to live on among Indians.

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