Qualcomm Working On Dual-Screen ARM Devices, The New Face Of Surface Phone

Ronald Balondo
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Microsoft and Qualcomm might be working on a chipset for the new Surface Phone. Windows devices with dual screen setup equipped with a Qualcomm ARM system might be coming to us soon. There are limited reports but it suggests that this configuration will be present in the Surface device that will become available in the near future.

Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Product Management, Miguel Nunes, recently provided insights about “a great solution” for incoming hurdles to any dual screen devices which may be hinting at the new Surface Phone. He also added that his team is “working on a lot of cool things,” which gives us an information that their team is working on a very big project and is currently within their labs.

There are very limited details about the news and the people involved in the project that they are working on but they might be pertaining to the Windows ARM device with a dual-screen setup. This directly leads to the Surface device that is hiding under the project name ‘Andromeda’ which is said to be a multi-screen device that would show up as either a folding or a sliding screen configuration.

He pointed out that people are now ready for a big change “you will see a transition of form factors and one of the advantages Qualcomm brings to the industry is the number of integrations.” He also added that “if you look at Snapdragon 835/850 platforms compared to an Intel processor, we are about 30 times smaller from the design standpoint. So you can imagine if you reduce the design by 30 percent we can start to do a lot of interesting things with the form factor. I think you will see innovation in form factors and in the future as well.”

They anticipate that the envisioned changes will surely hit many consumers and some might think that it is not appropriate but the company will move ahead and considers many possibilities to make it work. Nunes mentioned that “I think one of the key things for different form factors is that you have to get the user experience right. Obviously, that takes time.” He later added that “I don’t think one will replace another form factor and neither will you see the coexistence of different form factors depending on what people are trying to do; depending on the value of those of form factors. I think you will see an evolution.”

With the pieces all coming together, the rumored new Microsoft Andromeda device that most likely pointing to the Surface Phone should be all in the roadmap. Once Microsoft and Qualcomm got it all figured out, it would be an innovating piece of technology that might open up a new sphere for any smart electronics of the future.

Microsoft’s Surface Phone might be one of the most talked about topics around the community and there are limited resources that give concrete details for the project. However, the news of using new Qualcomm’s technology inside a dual-screen Microsoft Surface Phone come to materialize in the coming months, it would be a huge breakthrough in the hand-held electronic devices.

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