Purported NVIDIA GTX 1170 Appeared In 3DMark Benchmark Testing With 22,898 Score, 16 GB Of VRAM

Maricris Jose
4:10 PM

An alleged NVIDIA GTX 1170 was supposed to appear in 3DMark benchmark wherein it was able to get a score of 22,989. Apart from that, the purported graphics card was revealed to be will be armed with 16 GB of VRAM.

According to SegmentNext, an alleged image of NVIDIA GTX 1170 3DMark benchmark has leaked online but it’s not yet certain whether it’s real or not. It is worth mentioning that the picture has been captured from a smartphone and that fake benchmarks are somewhat common,

In addition, the picture is somewhat small and is shady; thus, it is advised to be taken with skepticism. Based on the said images, the GTX 1170 will be armed with a 16GB of VRAM and the GPU was clocked at 2,512MHz while the memory bus was clocked at 2,552MHz. With the double amount of VRAM when compared to the Pascal variants, this will be a great deal for gamers. But then, it is also important to bear in mind that RAM isn’t cheap and if the GTX 1170 will arrive flaunting 16GB of VRAM then it is going to be somewhat expensive.

Also, despite that the 12GB of VRAM would be sufficient to outdo the previous GPUs bearing in mind that the new graphics cards will utilize GDDR6 memory, the 16GB appears to be overkill. Apart from that, it is also worth mentioning that the amount of memory isn’t the only aspect to take into account when assessing the performance and power of a GPU. Lastly, there were also rumors suggesting that the upcoming NVIDIA graphics cards could utilize AI to be able to render HairWorks models in forthcoming video games.

These are the things that the purported NVIDIA GTX 1170 3DMark benchmark images have revealed. But then, it is not sure if these photos are fake or real; thus, still advised to be taken with skepticism. Always keep an eye for further announcements as we’ll surely update you.

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