PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: 7 Things We Want in the New Snow Map

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After PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) teased the reveal of a snow map during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, fans and game experts are predicting a lot of things that may be included in the landscape. Since it has been in many fans’ wish list for some time, the possibilities that this updated map presents to players are endless.

New winter map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Not much is known about the snow map as it was only teased through a three-second clip in the E3. That has not stopped fans from speculating about this new PUBG map. These are seven of the predictions and wish list items that players of Battlegrounds would like to see in the snow map:

Footprint tracking

After some snow footprints were shown in the teaser, speculation arose that the new map will enable trackable footprints. This is a major goal for this updated map, according to PC Gamer. PUBG creative director Brendan Greene says that he would like to add that feature in the map though nothing is certain yet.

However, footprint tracking would be a nightmare for the strain it puts on PCs. But if the developers figure out a way to get around that, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is already sure to be an exciting gaming experience.

Winter wildlife

One of the biggest complaints people have about the game’s maps is the absence of wildlife. That has to change with this snow map. Gamers are salivating over the thought of having to be surrounded by some wildlife in the gaming environment.

More camo options

Sure, the Ghillie Suit is incredibly useful in the other maps. But with a snow map, it would be ridiculous. Because of this, experts are anticipating new additions to the camo options.

Added game mechanics

If the new map has wildlife, it will change things up a bit. It will add some more mechanics that will make survival for the characters difficult.

Adventurous landscape

Gamers expect the new PUBG map to be challenging due to the seemingly adventurous terrain in the teaser. This will make the game even more of a survival tale.

Average map size

It would be a refreshing update for the map to have a different size from the recently released Sanhok landscape. This is so that the game will have a faster pace and more action.

Diverse rewards

Rewards will help improve the chances of the player’s characters surviving. With this updated map, it may be best to have a diverse set of rewards.

Exploit in Sanhok map

In related PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds news, players have found a game-breaking exploit in the new Sanhok map less than a month after its debut. There is an area in the southwest part of the map that allows players to disappear, according to Variety. Through this exploit, players can hide easily. Found near a building in the Na Kham village, the area can be seen effortlessly as it is the spot where the ground and the ground’s texture do not meet each other.

How do you think will the winter map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) look like? Let us know your theories by posting in the comments section.

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