There are no doubt tech enthusiasts and especially the console gaming community are all excited for the release of the next-generation consoles of Sony and Microsoft which will bring the gaming experience to a whole new level with their powerful specs. Sony has the “Next-generation PlayStation” (which we will refer to as PlayStation 5 for now) while Microsoft has “Xbox Scarlett” (aka Xbox 2).

The fact that these two consoles will feature powerful specs that, amidst all the hype concerning what they will be capable of, there has also been a concern regarding their price.

For this article, we will be focusing on the predicted price of the PS5 by one of the legendary video game, social media, digital media and electronics analyst in the industry today, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities.

So How Much Will The Next-Gen PlayStation Cost?

Back at E3 2019, Pachter sat down on an interview with video game journalist Geoff Keighley. The analyst talked about the PS5, Xbox, and Stadia.

Regarding the PS5, Pachter was asked to give a “wild” prediction to which he did. He said that the PS5 will cost $800 due to its powerful specs. He even argued that he doesn’t understand how one can expect the said console can cost $300 or $400.

However, he also noted that if Sony will make the same mistake with the PS3 and sell the PS5 for $600 or more, then “they’ve screwed themselves.”

Back when Sony first introduced the PS3, it was met with a negative response mainly due to the fact that its 20GB model retailed at $499 and its 60GB model $599. Seeing the public reaction, Sony learned their lesson and maintained a price point of $400 for their consoles over the years.

As for the upcoming PS5, given its powerful specs, quite a number of analysts and tech enthusiasts believe that it won’t exceed more than $500 because more than that would be too much for most console players. Add in the price of games now, which despite how beautiful they are now compared to the games before from previous consoles, they also come with “issues”.

How much do you think the PS5 will cost? Tell us in the comment section below.