PS4 and Xbox One Refresh In 2019, PS5 and Xbox Two Full Reveal At E3 2020 And Arrive In 2021

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We all know that Sony and Microsoft are working on their own respective next-generation hardware in preparation for the next console war – the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Two. Based on rumors, both next-gen consoles are highly expected to be released in 2020. With being said, what can we expect at E3 2020 from Sony and Microsoft?

PS5 and Xbox Two Will Arrive In A Later Date

Last year, Sony has confirmed that they will not be attending E3 2019 (June 11 to 13). Microsoft and Nintendo, on the other hand, will be attending the event.

Speaking on an exclusive interview with Gaming Bolt, Lewis Ward of IDC shared his predictions regarding Sony and Microsoft’s plans in E3 2020.  Contrary to the popular belief that both companies will release their respective consoles in 2020, the analyst believes that the PS5 and Xbox Two would be fully unveiled in E3 2020, while for the release date, it might happen a little later than expected, predicting a 2021 release.

As for this year, Ward believes that both the PS4 and Xbox might get “modest hardware refreshes” in 2019, and that, coupled with “a slate of AAA exclusives” for both systems.

Comparing It To Other Rumors

Speaking of the possibility of “modest hardware refreshes” in 2019, this is quite interesting especially when you consider that the PS4 (2013) has the PS4 Pro (2016) while the Xbox One (2013) has the Xbox One S (2016) and Xbox One X (2017). If it’s true, then perhaps Wedbush Industries’ Michael Pachter’s prediction for 2019 could be true as well, though there are a few differences.

A few days ago, we published a report regarding Pachter’s prediction for 2019. He predicted that the PS4 and Xbox will receive price cuts at some point this year – the PS4 could be priced at $249, while the Xbox One could cost $199. In addition to that, he also predicted that Nintendo might release a cheaper handheld-only Nintendo Switch at a cheaper price.

So if Sony and Microsoft will release “modest hardware refreshes” this year, then it would make sense that there will be a price cut.

As for the differences, it is about the release date of the PS5 and Xbox Two.

Pachter initially claimed that the PS5 could be released in 2019, but he then changed his stance, saying that the console will most likely release sometime in 2020 and that a 2019 release has a 25 percent probability, while 2020 has 75 percent. He also claimed that the Xbox Two will arrive in 2020.

As you can see, though the predictions from both analysts may coincide in some ways, they also contradict each other in some ways. And most importantly, these are just predictions so be sure to take it with a pinch of salt.

But what do you think about Ward and Pachter’s predictions? When do you think the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two will be released? Tell us in the comment section below.


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