PS4 Second Public Jailbreak Now Available, Toolkit Details Specified

Maricris Jose
8:21 PM

In case you’re one of the Sony PlayStation 4 owners who wanted to liberate their gaming console, a good news is waiting for you. Recent reports reveal that the second public jailbreak toolkit for the PS4 is now available for download.

The jailbreak scene for PS4 has been continually progressing. As a matter of fact, there’s news that a PS4 jailbreak tool for version 4.55 of the gaming console’s software is ready to go for public release.

It can be recalled previously that there’s a piece of information revealing that a developer under the username @qwertyyourip had rolled out the full code for his PS4 firmware 4.55 kernel exploit. This has caused giddiness even though the exploit still needed a user-mode entry point in order to be utilized fully.

This has been confirmed to be possible through the use of WebKit exploit that was formally released by the same developer. Unluckily, it’s only well-matched with PS4 having 4.07 firmware. It simply indicates that the said exploit would only function on PS4s having an older version of the software installed, at least for this moment.

After this news, there was more exhilaration that’s yet to come. A developer under the username SpecterDev has announced through Twitter that he had issued a full application of @qwertyourip’s v4.55 kernel exploit on GitHub. The said jailbreak tool can liberate the PS4 having 4.55 firmware.

Despite that having this tool is really exciting, SpecterDev has pointed out that others would have to pick up where he left off. He further stated that his code has a built-in mechanism to let it listen for a payload of some kind, letting those payloads to be implemented upon receipt.

The tool released by SpecterDev is apparently the second full public jailbreak for PS4 that’s accessible right now. For those PS4 owners who are interested to liberate their consoles, they can obtain the tool at Please stay tuned for future PS4 jailbreak updates!

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