15 Amazing PS1 Games We Hope To See On The PlayStation Classic

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To those who want to relive their childhood and the ones that are just simply interested in playing old-school PlayStation 1 games, rejoice because Sony has announced a PlayStation Classic which is scheduled to arrive in the second half of this year. With this, fans are left wondering what games will be included on the upcoming gaming console.

But First… When Is It Exactly Coming And How Much Will It Cost?

According to reports, the said device is reportedly going to hit the shelves on December 3, 2018. Meanwhile, for its price tag, it will cost around $100.

What Games Will Be Included?

The upcoming console will be pre-loaded with 20 games. So far, out of the 20 games, only 5 have been revealed which are Final Fantasy VIITekken 3Wild ArmsRidge Racer Type 4, and Jumping Flash.

So what about the other 15? Well, here is a list which fans hope to see will be included:

Resident Evil – Whether you like zombie games or not, this here is a classic. As a matter of fact, up to this day, this game’s franchise is popular. There’s even an upcoming remake made for the Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 – Although a remake is coming, it is slated to come on January of 2019 which is just a month after the release of the PlayStation Classic. Yeah, sure, the remake is going to feature jaw-dropping graphical designs, but some of us (old people) like to relive our childhood memories, you know.

Resident Evil 3 – Okay, you must wondering: “How many RE games are the fans hoping? You might as well include all PS1 RE games!” which is understandable. But as we already mentioned, it is quite popular. Who doesn’t like a badass female protagonist like Jill Valentine?

Metal Gear Solid – It was really tragic that Hideo Kojima left Konami. Although there was the Metal Gear Survive, some don’t consider it to be an “authentic” Metal Gear game. But enough of that, back to the game. The Metal Gear Solid game is one of the iconic PS1 games which many fans would really want to be included.

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins – Okay, the voice acting in this game was so bad and cringeworthy but was surprisingly good. Who doesn’t love Rikimaru and Ayame, especially when Rikimaru sacrificed himself in the end to lift that boulder?

Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins – On this game, it is as good as the previous title but way better. Also, we get to play a new character named Tatsumaru.

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain – To all, you vampire fans out there, here’s another timeless classic that ought to be included. Here we get to play as the legendary vampire Kain while he massacres his way for revenge.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – Back when it was released in 1999, this game was way ahead of its time. Not only was it better than Blood Omen, but the story, voice acting and game mechanics was simply breathtaking. In fact, try watching its game movie on YouTube. You will be blown away.

Final Fantasy VIII – We all know that Final Fantasy VII will be included on the preloaded list. So, why not the FFVIII? This has one of the best love stories in the FF franchise. Plus, up to this day, fans are still in debate whether (warning spoiler) if Squall really died after he was pierced by Sorceress Edea with her ice magic. Check out this death theory video.

Legend of Legaia – Another amazing RPG game. Here in this game, you have 3 players in your team – Vahn, Noah and Gala where you save the world from Serus. But what makes this game so amazing is the fighting system.

Xenogears – Imagine a RPG game that combines martial arts, giant robots and aliens. The story is also amazing. This timeless classic should definitely be part of the list.

Breath of Fire III – Itching for a RPG game where the MC is a person that could transform into a dragon? This is the game.

Breath of Fire IV – This here is also an amazing game. In fact, it was even better than the previous title. The only issue of this game is that it was very short.

Chrono Cross – Love the idea of traversing through worlds? Well, this is the game for you. Plus, you get to collect a lot of party members – that is if you are able to meet the requirements.

The Legend of Dragoon – This game here is for hardcore RPG gamers. If you’re the type who hates to spend hours and hours of fighting enemies to increase the level of your party members, then this isn’t the game for you. But if you’re into that, this game takes it into a whole ‘nother level because you will have to manually control each of your characters every time they attack to level up their battle techniques.

Other Games

Aside from the games mentioned above, there are still tons out there that should also definitely be included. Just to name a few, there’s Medievil (1 and 2), Crash Bandicoot (all PS1 titles), Parasite Eve (1 and 2), Final Fantasy Tactics, Dino Crisis (1 and 2), Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Twisted Metal, Crash Team Racing, Silent Hill, and Valkyrie Profile.

Do you agree with the list? Tell us what games are you hoping that’s going to be included on the PlayStation Classic in the comment section below.

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