Latest Rumor: New Premium Version PS Plus Subscription Service Will Launch Before PS5

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Gather around, Sony fans. With recent reports suggesting that Sony could announce their next-generation hardware PlayStation 5 (its name is still unknown so we’ll be sticking with this name for now) this year, a new rumor is suggesting that the company is reportedly planning to release a new premium version of the PS Plus subscription service.

The New Premium PS Plus Subscription Service

According to a report, Sony will allegedly launch a new premium version of the PS Plus subscription service before the PS5. The information came from an anonymous EU-based game developer who is working on a PS5 launch title.

So what benefits will this new premium version of the PS Plus subscription service offer? It will offer players guaranteed video game betas and alpha access as well as the ability to create private servers.

When can we expect this new premium version of the PS Plus subscription service? There are two possibilities as for when Sony will reveal details about it. Given that the company has confirmed that they won’t be attending E3 2019 which is scheduled in June, they may reveal details about it either through a State of Play stream or at PlayStation Experience 2019.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

The anonymous game developer also talked about when the PS5 may be revealed. It will be revealed in Q2 2019 which is from April to June. However, it will only be a minor reveal or a tease. As for the release date, it could be either in March or November 2020.

What’s interesting about this though is that back in November 2018, a Reddit user who goes by the name RuthenicCookie said that Sony could do a small reveal in mid-2019 for the PS5 and then a big one at PSX, but plans may change.

What are your thoughts about this new premium version of the PS Plus subscription service? What about the PS5’s supposed reveal and release date? Tell us in the comment section below.

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