Proximity Between North Korea & Syria; Warning Bells For US?

Purnima Gupta
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Growing closeness between North Korea and Syria is sending warning signals to the United States of America. North Korea, ruled by dictator Kim Jong is always under fire from leaders of the democratic world. While the Syrian state is torn by its own civil war, which is going on for 6 long years. Both nations are constantly on the world radar for carrying out inhuman attacks on their own people.

Warning Signs For The US

Recently, United States intercepted two North Korean shipments carrying suspicious chemical weapon equipment for Syrian chemical weapon program. This was enough proved for the US to conclude that both the nations have tried to exchange destructive technology, and disrupting world peace. It is also believed by the US security experts that the North Korean nation is secretly helping Syria in developing a missile program and have supplied required technology to the later.

Syrian Social Affairs Minister and North Korean ambassador have met to enhance bilateral ties last month. A country devastated by its own war shares 60-year-old bilateral ties with N. Korea.

Allegedly, Koreans are involved in supplying propellants for Syria’s ballistic missile program. These supplies include protective chemical suits & respirators. While military supplies like these have been carried out for many years. Both the anti-democratic countries have despotic rulers in power and are reeling under a number of sanctions.

Measures By The US

While the US has been issuing military threats to the Korean nation, but North Korea is no mood to back off. There have been many instances, where Donald Trump issued warnings to North Korea for trying to strengthen their military efforts. And pressing North Korea to halt their nuclear program and stop ghastly inhuman practices on its civilians.

North Korean ministers & diplomats speak about how the US President has been consistently issued multiple warning to the state. And that, such warnings are a threat to North Korea internal peace.

In Syria, US is fighting the extremist groups since 2014. While asking for world support in defeating the extremist forces and unleashing terrorism and chemical attacks on people.

However, there is a lot more to be done in order to push these anti-democratic forces back, says Rod Barton, former director of strategic technology at Australia’s Defence Intelligence Organisation. There is a greater need to mobilize coalition forces from the Middle Eastern countries and Asian nations.

Latest Update

During a recent visit to the South Korean capital, Seoul, Donald Trump warned North Korea and asked other countries of the world to isolate Nuke capable Korean state. Trump added that the US is totally prepared to take on the North Korean regime and warned them of dire consequences.

According to CNN, after the United Nations General Assembly in New York, both US President and North Korea’s top diplomat have exchanged verbal insults for each other on Twitter.



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