Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Inspire With New Relationship Goals

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Newly engaged lovebirds, Prince Harry and Megan Markle are making headlines all over the world. And the reason is quite visible – the couple has got engaged recently. The world is getting ready for the royal wedding which will take place at St. George Chapel, Windsor Castle in May 2018.

The romance between Prince Harry & Megan came to the light last year. It was during October 2016, when American TV actress was confirmed dating Prince Harry. Concerned about the safety of Megan, the royal family spokesperson confirmed the relationship much later. They both made their first appearance together in May 2017 in Berkshire, England.

As we all know that Prince Harry is the youngest heir to the Royal Family in Great Britain. While Megan Markle is a half English and half Afro-American TV actress from the US. Megan and Harry’s romantic relationship has unfurled in front of the world like a true inspiration. There is the list of things that we can learn from these two, let us check those out.

Love sees no boundaries

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Prince Harry hails from a royal family who have ruled over the world yet he fell in love with a commoner like Meghan who is a humble artist. Meghan Markle is an American TV actress who worked in TV series ‘The Suits’. Both fell in love and eventually, Harry proposed her for marriage. Their love story is an ideal example of how love defies all kinds of limitation and boundaries of humans.

Opposites attract

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Meghan Markle and Harry fell in love even after having completely different interest. While Prince Harry is a sports enthusiast and him religious plays soccer and golf. On the other hand, Meghan is a known TV personality. She is on the creative side of life. With this, we can perfectly conclude here that opposites totally attracted in this case.

Common can be royal

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A regular woman who just knows how to act well on TV will step into a relationship with someone having a royal background. Sounds like a fairytale! Yes, indeed. For any woman, this can be a fairy tale. And so is for Meghan Markle. Entering the royal family as Harry’s wife would completely change her world. She is also doing special preparations to be a part of the royal family. With their relation, we can see how love can act as a bridge to fill every type of gap in this world.

Couples do it together

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Meghan often joins Harry for his polo matches. This shows how these two lovebirds are involved in each other’s passion and prefer to do things together. While Harry has met Meghan quite a few times when she was shooting for the TV series in America.

Doing extraordinary for love

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Harry has definitely gone that extra mile to please his lady love. He has proposed Meghan with an extraordinarily crafted engagement ring. The engagement ring presented by Prince Harry to Meghan is made with three diamonds – one which he brought from Botswana and other two have been taken from the royal collection of his mother, Princess Diana. This is an appropriate example where we can see how the purity of love can make extraordinary things happen.

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