Preparations For The New Xbox Two; News, Rumors And Everything We Know

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Microsoft is one of the biggest names in the gaming community thanks to their creation, the Xbox. Now, with the talks around the community that the Xbox One is on its way for an upgrade and the Xbox Two is currently in the lab works, we will provide you will all of the information that we could get about the next generation gaming console.

With stunning graphics and a huge library of games, the Xbox One is dominating the gaming industry along with Sony’s PlayStation 4. With this in mind, it is hard to tell what kinds of improvements are needed to surpass the current generation consoles.

Online gaming and realistic graphics, all of the things that gamers could ask are already in the Xbox One. 4K resolution gaming and another bunch of stuff that can improve and raise the level of entertainment is also included in the package.

Now, with all of that, consumers are wondering what more could we get from Microsoft to make the Xbox Two better than Xbox One. However, in the recent E3 2018 conference, the company seems to know what they need to do to achieve this.

Microsoft’s executive president of gaming, Phil Spencer, provided some hints about the next generation console. The company touched the possibility that the next generation Xbox Two is already in the lab and might become available in the near future. Phil also mentioned that the development team for the Xbox 2 is working with streaming tech.

Now, in the gaming industry, if someone said “near future,” that means a couple of years. With the current rumors floating around regarding the new PlayStation 5 that will hit the market between 2020 to 2022, we could assume that the Xbox family will also launch their newest addition the same time as their competitor.

We expect that the new Xbox Two will set 4K gaming as the standard resolution for the platform. Games that are running at 60 frames per second could also become the norm. We could see some titles running at 4K in the current generation Xbox but not as a standard.

Consumers are also expecting that the next generation Xbox Two would have a huge improvement in the ability to play games right from the get-go. Currently, the Xbox and even the PlayStation 5, need to download the game, wait for the download to become complete, stare or browser the library and after completing the download, only then you can start playing.

Under the hood, the next-gen Xbox Two will feature new graphics card, more powerful than what we have right now. The availability of the next generation graphics card is not yet ready until the next year or two so the release date of the console is right in line with the current timeline.

For now, we don’t have much concrete information about the next installment in the Xbox franchise. Also, The company that manufactures the console haven’t provided any news and doing a great job of letting us think and speculate what the new Xbox Two can provide us. One thing is certain, the company will try to outdo what they did and the standards that they set in the past to provide us, the consumers, the best experience we can get from a gaming console.

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