Latest Patent of the Motorola Razr with Foldable Screen Spotted

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Earlier this year during the 2018 MWC, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing hinted that the Motorola Razr series could make a comeback very soon. Technically, this is the second time that the CEO hinted this as he has also made similar comments regarding the matter at the 2017 MWC. According to Yang, the said device will feature a foldable display.

This time around, a patent for a foldable Motorola Razr phone was spotted by Dutch site Mobielkopen. Is this the comeback device that Yang was referring to?

The Patent

According to Mobielkopen, this patent was filed on May 31, 2017, for an “electronic device with hinge and similar systems and methods”. Apparently, this patent was just published just recently (presumably on August 21, 2018) in the database of the USTPO.

Take a look at the front design. It features a clamshell design with a single screen and a hinge supporting it on the middle.

As for the back design, we can see that on the upper portion there are two circles – one of which could be a fingerprint sensor, while the other could be a camera or something. Meanwhile, on the lower portion, it could be a speaker.

So When Will The Motorola Razr Be Released?

Right now, no one can tell with full accuracy when will it be released. All we can do now is to wait for more information – an official announcement if we’re lucky – regarding Moto Razr launch date. Furthermore, we don’t even have a clue on how much will it cost.

Don’t Patents Usually Take Years To Be Fully Implemented?

That’s true. Some patents may not even get to see the light of day and forever be stored away in vaults. However, there are already devices with foldable screens.

In fact, Lenovo has this “Folio tablet” which can be folded into a smartphone with two displays. There’s even a live video demonstration on how the device works.

Are you excited about the Motorola Razr? When do you think it will be released? How much will it cost? We would like to hear from your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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