Another Possible iOS 12 Jailbreak PoC Teased; Much-Anticipated Jailbreak Toolkit To Arrive Soon?

Maricris Jose
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It was during the WWDC 2018 when Apple introduced the iOS 12 and now, we are just a few weeks away from its launch. With that, many jailbreak enthusiasts are now looking forward to the moment that a developer was able to create an iOS 12 jailbreak tool. Recently, a developer has teased the much-awaited jailbreak’s POC giving hope to the jailbreak community.

According to Redmond Pie, the developer who hinted a possible iOS 12 jailbreak PoC was Umang Raghuvanshi. He is the one responsible for the launch of the Libertas tweak that is invented to stop popular applications and games from sensing that an iOS device is jailbroken. Aside from that, Umang was also the one who is accountable for tracing a 0day within the Apple’s iOS 12 beta release and jailbreaking it way back in July.

With the aforementioned contributions of Umang, he already has a positive reputation and his revelations can be taken seriously. His latest tweet is tremendously mysterious and will perhaps not mean a great deal to a normal iOS device owner.

He specified that this “has been a good month” we can only determine that this most recent information is a muddle or nonce of some depiction that’s associated to his work on an iOS 12 jailbreak tool. In the end, Apple is slated to launch the iOS 12 into the public domain by the end of this month. With that, it would be tremendously well-received if somebody had the iOS 12 jailbreak ready not long after the upcoming iOS version’s release.

It is also worth mentioning that there are some commentators in the jailbreak community who have faith that this piece of information is an important portion of the iOS jailbreak PoC, which might also be used for iOS 11.4.1. Nevertheless, until he essentially offers more details or some extra context, it’s uncertain and open to assumption.

As of this moment, it is unsure if an iOS 12 jailbreak tool will be made available. With that, it is advised to wait for further information on this topic, so stay tuned!

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