Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon News: Global Mission Confirmed To Involve Battle Agency

Maricris Jose
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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon gamers will be delighted as another Global Mission is on its way. The players will have to do their best since the upcoming mission is confirmed to involve Battle Agency.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Global Mission Details

According to Siliconera, upon the start of Global Mission, the gamers will have to reach the Festive Plaza and obtain their random rented Pokemon to participate the battle. They will have to get two more Pokemon by intermingling with other players at the Plaza. Accomplishing the 100.000 wins mark will award all players with 2.000 Festive points. Nevertheless, if they fail they will still get 1.000 Festive points to use.

Those who wanted to join in the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Global Mission may want to utilize the Pokemon Global Link. Doing so will double their rewarded Festive points whether they succeed on the challenge or not.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Global Mission Battle Agency Info

Moreover, SegmentNext has learned that there are 50 total Grades which take players up to Level 100 for their Pokémon and their opponents. At the end of every 10 grades, they will have a boss battle that will reward them with a Gold Bottle Cap.

It was also worth mentioning that after each run in the Battle Agency, the three Pokémon at the player’s disposal will change. Every time they will have to pick one of the three Pokémon. Afterwards, the players will have to choose co-players which can either be online gamers at the Festive Plaza or VIPS.

Just in case they aren’t happy with their random Pokemon, they can head to the Switcheroo facility at the Festive Plaza. With just 10 points, they can get a new random one from a group of 1000 Pokemon.

Do you think the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Global Mission will be successful? Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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