Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon News: Top 5 Available Dragon-Type Revealed

Maricris Jose
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The dragon-type has been the strongest Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon. With that being said, here are top 5 among this kind that the gamers will surely want to have.

Ultra Necrozma (Psychic)

According to Dot Esports, the Ultra Necrozma was the first in the list. This Pokemon is the mishmash of Necrozma and either Solgaleo or Lunala. The gamers can Mega Evolve these combinations in the battle to obtain the access to Ultra Necrozma.

Ultra Necrozma is possibly the best in the entire game as it has the highest based-stats among other Pokemon. It can utilize the Z-Move, which can extinguish almost every other Pokémon in just one hit. In some cases, this attack can take a full health Pokémon down to zero HP in just seconds.

Rayquaza (Flying)

The gamers can find Rayquaza in a Red Ultra Wormhole if he has a Kyogre and Groudon. This is in level 60, thus they have to come prepared.  Similar to Ultra Necrozma, this Pokemon is best utilized in its Mega Evolution form as it gains access to the Delta Stream skill.

The Delta Stream allows players to utilize a Flying-type Pokémon against its weakest match with no aftermath. It also stops an opposing Pokémon from utilizing moves that would adjust the weather.

Kommo-o (Fighting)

To able to obtain Kommo-o, the gamers will have to catch either a Jangmo-o or a Hakamo-o from Vast Poni Canyon. Afterwards, they will have to revolve it to level 45.

Although in Sun and Moon, Kommo-o was one of the feeblest Dragon-type Pokémon, it has changed in Ultra Sun and Moon. In fact, it gained access to the move Close Combat, which can deliver a ton of damage to its opponent. Kommo-o is now a lot stronger than before.

Salamence (Flying)

The Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon gamers can find a Bagon in Route 3 or Kala’e Bay. It can develop into a Salamence once it reaches level 50.

Slamence’s power comes from two distinct skills. The first is its ability to intimidate, wherein it can weaken the attack stat of opposing Pokémon. This is significant in double battles as it can turn the current of the match to its user’s favor with just the right operation.

The other exclusive ability of Slamence is the Mega Evolve. When it Mega Evolves, it becomes a tank for the team that is capable of dealing out tons of injury. Its speed also intensifies and it can attack hard and fast against the opponent.

Naganadel (Poison)

Naganadel is a Dragon-type Pokémon that’s exclusive to Ultra Sun and Moon. The gamers will be given UB Adhesive after finishing the game by the Ultra Recon Squad. It will then evolve into Naganadel by leveling it up upon learning the Dragon Pulse move.

Additionally, it is the only Pokémon on the roster that is not weak to Fairy-type moves. This is because of its exclusive dual typing, Fairy-type moves only deal regular impairment to Naganadel.

Naganadel is probably the toughest competitive practical Dragon-type on this roster. Both the Ultra Necrozma and Rayquaza are forbidden in competitive play. This gives the chance for Naganadel to fill a slot that might be taken by one of the two aforementioned legendary Pokémon.

These are the top five dragon-type Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon. Do you think there are other Pokemon that should be on the list? Please share it with us in the comment section.

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