Pokemon Go: Niantic Returns Legendary Moltres For Short Time

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The Legendary Moltres is one of the most iconic Pokemon characters so it is understandable how much gamers want it on Pokemon Go. It looks like Niantic will be granting these gamers’ wish for a limited amount of time.

Legendary Moltres returns to Pokemon Go

Niantic will make the legendary Pokemon for only three hours on Saturday, September 8, according to Game Spot. Why exactly will the game bring back the Legendary Moltres? It is actually a form of a reward for the completion of the Global Challenge event in Yokusuka, Japan.

The three-hour availability of the Moltres is pretty much like the Community Day events of the game. For the three hours that the Pokemon character will be available, gamers will be able to encounter the Moltres as a Raid Battle at Gyms.

In Pokemon Go lore, the Moltres is a Legendary Pokemon that is a dual Fire/Flying type. Because of this, it is most vulnerable to Rock Pokemon and attacks.

The availability of the Moltres will depend on where you are. For example, the Asia-Pacific region will have it from 12 PM-3 PM, Japanese Standard Time. North America will get their turn at 11 AM-2 PM Pacific Time.

Get Celebi and Regirock as well!

In other related news, gamers will also already be able to access the Celebi. This mythical Pokemon is powerful and is a unique Grass/Psychic type, according to VG247. Users can acquire the Pokemon the same way they did with Mew early this year. It will be through a Special Research Quest called “A Ripple in Time.”

The game’s latest Legendary, Regirock, can also be acquired. Just make sure you do it before Thursday, September 20.

What are your thoughts on this recent development in the Pokemon Go game? How do you think will the Legendary Moltres affect the gameplay? Tell us what you think by posting a comment below.

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