Pokemon GO News: Pokemon Monsters Now Easier To Catch Due To Bug

Maricris Jose
10:39 AM

Most of the time bugs and glitches are affecting the user experience on a negative side. But this time in Pokemon GO, it’s the other way around, since the bug made it easier for the players to catch Pokemon monsters.

Pokemon GO Bug Details

The recently found Pokemon GO issue comes with a great advantage. In fact, the said exploit enables the players to bypass the catching animation throughout a Pokémon battle. This dramatically reduces the amount of time consumed staring down the wild Pokemon monsters.

How To Use Pokemon GO Exploit?

When the players are trying to catch a Pokemon, they will have to utilize their non-throwing hand to swipe the PokeBall icon. The PokeBall can found at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen from right to left. Afterwards, they will have to hold their finger on the screen. As long as they hold their finger on the screen, the PokeBall variety screen will not open. Using their other hand, they will now have to throw a PokeBall at the Pokemon.

The moment that the PokeBall hits the Pokemon, they will now have to lift their other finger, to open the Pokeball selection menu. They can then let go of the menu and press escape. This will allow them to skip the catch animation and screen.

If they’ve caught the Pokemon, they’ll get an error message. If not, the Pokemon will continue to appear on the overworld map. This basically means that they can just repeat the procedure until they were able to catch it.

Are There Negative Concerns Regarding This Pokemon GO Bug?

As of this moment, there are no negative consequences in using this exploit, thus it is supposed to be a harmless and momentary bug. Although it’s certain that Niantic will repair this bug with the next upgrade of Pokemon GO, the players should still take the gain, particularly if it sticks around for the subsequent Community Day later this month.

This is how the Pokemon GO bug works and we hope that the players can take advantage of it. Please stay tuned for future updates!

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