Pokémon Go China Release Confirmed!

Nabanita Maji
3:29 PM

We’ve got a good news for the Chinese fans of Pokémon Go. It has been reported that Niantic will be launching the game in China very soon. The news came out in public after the popular game developer struck a successful partnership deal with NetEase.

During an interview with the Financial Times, John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic Labs, officially announced the launch of the game in China. He said that the company intends to bring Pokémon Go in China. He also said that the revenue dropped last year when compared to 2016. Therefore, the new release will help them bounce back and give a boost to the revenue.

“In 2016, our hair was blown back by the launch and the after-effects of the [Pokémon Go] launch. Revenues [in 2017] were not as high as they were in 2016 for the year but they were very strong”, the CEO of the company said. He further revealed that the second quarter of 2017 was decent, while they have great expectations this New Year.

According to CNET, the company hasn’t yet confirmed the Pokémon Go release date. However, it is expected to hit the Chinese market very soon this year. NetEase is a very popular gaming and technology company in China. In fact, it is reportedly one of the largest investors in “Niantic’s recent $200m Series B funding round.”

Pokemon Go EX Raid Battles

The recent EX Raid battle invitations that went out to players seem like a big disappointment. While the gamers were very thrilled initially, many of them later faced quite a few issues.

Reportedly, most of the gamers found themselves locked out due to “the confusing, oft-criticized system”. Although Niantic promised to fix the issue by making the battles easier, the players still face problems during the game. Precisely, the EX Raid battles still look like a complete mess and should get fixed soon.

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