Pokemon Go 1.61.2/0.91.2 Update Now Available, Improvements and Enhancements Specified

Maricris Jose
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The Pokemon GO fans will be delighted as Niantic already drop the recent update for the video game. The updated version 1.61.2 for iOS and version 0.91.2 for Android APK are now released through Apple App Store and Google Play Store correspondingly.

Pokemon Go 1.61.2/0.91.2 Update Improvements and Enhancements

Niantic has announced that there are two recently updated versions of the Pokemon GO. The 1.61.2 and 0.91.2 are now ready and is available for download.

As for the improvements and enhancements brought by the said updates, Niantic does not always go into a feature by feature as to what are the changes in each Pokemon GO update release. Although this upgrade rollout does not dive too intensely into what can be anticipated as part of the update, there is at least a number of enhancements that will surely get the interest of video game’s fans. Some of those are absolutely worth paying attention to and here are some of them:

  • The update enhanced the in-game News feature.
  • The Pokémon Collection search function now permits the Trainers to search using “Shiny.”
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance upgrades.

Despite that, all the attention are concentrated on the way gyms work and new Raid Battle feature in Pokemon GO, there are some modifications in today’s release that are worthy of a little bit of consideration. One good example is the new ability for Trainers to explore utilizing the “Shiny” in The Pokemon Collection and other notable changes and improvements.

It is also worth mentioning that the updated versions 1.61.2/0.91.2 downloads are rolling out now and will it possibly become accessible to all the Pokemon GO fans by the time they read this news. Additionally, it is suggested to download the updates as soon as probable to obtain the best existing experience.

Have you updated your Pokemon GO video game app? Just in case yes, please share your experiences with us through the comment section below.

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