Sony Patents For New PlayStation VR To Combat Motion Sickness

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Remember back when people said VR and AR will be the next big thing or it will revolutionize the tech industry? Well, yeah, we can agree with that. But there are still some issues that kind of hinder it in some way or another like price, tech limitations, motion sickness, and many more.

Despite these glaring issues, it seems that we are no doubt stepping towards a future where this technology will be more and more appealing to the public. In fact, when it comes to motion sickness, Sony may have already found a solution to counter this with a patent that was recently published.

The Patent

According to a report, a Sony patent filed back in 2017 that combats motion/simulation sickness was spotted. As for the solution, it will be using a variety of biometric, moisture, and orientation sensors. It will also advance eye-tracking cameras which will allow it to detect if the user starts to feel nauseous.

If this proves to be successful, then it will indeed make VR more appealing towards not only to gamers but to a broader audience as well. However, given that this is a patent, it is unknown how long will it take before the company will be able to implement this technology on its PlayStation VR. Usually, when it comes with patents it will take years before it will be implemented, while some may not even get to see the light of day.

PlayStation VR 2

Speaking about VRs, the PSVR 2 to be released in 2020 or 2021. Why? Well, this is also the expected year when the PS5 will also be made available.

As for its price, the current PSVR starter bundle costs $200 but was originally launched with a price tag of $499.  With this, we’re expecting the PlayStation VR 2 to come in at a similar price or a little bit higher.

Do you think feature mentioned on the patent will be featured on the upcoming PSVR 2? Tell us in the comment section below.

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