PlayStation 5: What We Can Expect From Sony's Upcoming Gaming Console

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Just like us, you’re probably already thinking about what features the next PlayStation 5 console with come with. However, at this time, there’s still really no concrete leads to base conjectures on. But despite this lack of solid information, we can still make use of one thing – our imagination, estimations, and of course past data.

In line with this, we took it upon ourselves to sift through all available updates to deliver something worth reading. From specifications to a potential release schedule, we tried our best to collect everything there is to know about the new PS5 console – all in the name of satisfying your curious minds.

Release Date

While it’s really still too early to determine the dropping date for the PlayStation 5 console, it’s safe to use previous console releases as a basis. According to most smart guesses, the PlayStation 5 will likely be introduced two or three years from now. They say that this particular time period is the most ideal since every PlayStation model requires an eight-fold leap when it comes to power and performance and that technology will only be available at the said timeline.

AMD’s tech roadmap for the next years seems to corroborate this story. As we all know, Sony uses AMD’s processors and chips to power their PlayStation consoles. In the map timeline, AMD lists that the most significant jump in their GPU’s power won’t be happening until 2020.

Though 2020 seems to be the most probable date of release, others argue that the PS5 might arrive earlier than expected with some even suggesting a 2018 debut. According to self-professed industry insider Marcus Sellars, Sony has already started distributing dev kits of the PS5 console for developers and studios, which suggests that the PS5 is already in development and could potentially debut ahead of previous estimates.


VR Capabilities

As with anything new, it’s already expected for the PS5 to drop with new features in tow. Speculations point that first thing that would be on this list is the integration of a VR (Virtual reality) mechanism direct to the console. According to Harold Vancol, Creative Director at Grab Games, this feature would be one of PS5 ’s main selling points, which is plausible seeing as games for the VR niche are seeing a spike in popularity as of late.

Backward Compatibility

Another new feature which Sony hinted themselves when they updated a patent they previously filed back in 2015 is the inclusion of backward compatibility. The patent in question was initially filed two years after the release of the PS4, which enables the PS4 to play PS3 games through the PlayStation Service.

The updated patent showed up with the phrase “Backward compatibility testing of software in a mode that disrupts timing,” which suggests that Sony is probably planning on incorporating the feature into the next console. In addition to this, Mark Cerny, the architect responsible for the PS4, also appeared in the document – further solidifying rumors.


In terms of specifications, the latest leaks reveal that the next PS5 console will be upgrading from the PS4’s Jaguar-based CPU to a Zen-based one, which previous reports reveal will have a total of 8 cores. On the other hand, the graphics card will be a custom GPU based on AMD’s upcoming Navi architecture. Though it sounds plausible, this internals has yet to be proven true. It’s still too early to really determine what kind of hardware the PS5 will be packing seeing as the interval will run two years.

All in all, it’s still pretty exciting to see that the community is eager to welcome Sony’s PlayStation 5. However believable these updates may seem, it’s still important for fans and consumers to look towards Sony for confirmations and announcements.

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