PlayStation 5 Specs Leaked, Console To Make Surprise Debut This 2018?

Jasper Valdez
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The PS4 console has been doing well in terms of sales, amassing 9 million in unit sales in 2017 alone. However, it seems like Sony isn’t too keen on relying too much on the current console’s success as numerous reports about the PlayStation 5 development have been conquering the interwebs for quite a while now.

According to the recent update, Sony has allegedly begun distribution of PS5 dev kits to developers ahead of the console’s confirmation. This report was first broken by SemiAccurate, a self-professed industry insider who successfully predicted the release and the concepts behind the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X.

The leak has also provided the PlayStation community a closer look at the specifications and internal hardware that will be included in the upcoming PS5 console, as provided by Resetra. First on this list is AMD’s custom Zen processor which will be accompanied by the company’s next lineup of GPUs imbued with the new Navi architecture.

Aside from this, the new PlayStation console is also said to be coming in tow with a Virtual reality feature (VR), which will be directly supported in the PlayStation 5 console. On top of this, Sony is also said to be planning to showcase various ‘goodies’ in the genre, albeit they have yet to be named or unearthed.

In terms of a release, the leak also included a launching date which points towards release this 2018, which is probably on E3 2018 this coming June. However, ExtremeTech argues that this might not be the case as graphics quality and improvements wouldn’t provide any noticeable difference when compared to the current gen console, the PS4. They add that a launch date timeline of 2020 or 2021 seems to be a more realistic approach than what the leak has viewers believe.

Overall, only Sony knows what going on behind the scenes. Though these developments give us hints on what’s to come for the PlayStation 5 console, it’s still unfounded until Sony confirms it to be otherwise. In light of this, we advise fans to take these PS5 updates with a grain of salt and look towards Sony for official announcements.

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