PlayStation 5: Sony Console May Offer Backwards Compatibility

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With the recent news that the upcoming PlayStation 5 may be the last entry into the console generation before streaming dominates the industry, the upcoming Sony device is already among one of the most anticipated tech products in the next three years. Sony’s decisions about the console are constantly changing. However, there is a general consensus that it will be out within the next two years. When the console reaches stores, Sony may have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Backward compatibility for PS5?

One of the possible functionalities that will be integrated into the PS5 is backwards compatibility. With the PS4 using the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) from AMD, the next-gen console’s x86-64 architecture may offer backwards compatibility, which will enable fans of older versions to still enjoy the new product.

Backwards compatibility is the ability of the console to still utilize the interface of previous versions. If true, this means that PS4 games can still be played in the next release. The last generation to offer some degree of compatibility is the PS3.

Some experts also point out backwards compatibility is unlikely. Sony could instead push its PS Now digital service.

PlayStation 5’s powerful chips

In related news, it looks like the next PlayStation will be even more powerful than its predecessors. It is reported that the PlayStation 5 console will come with the Navi GPU chip from AMD. It was already previously reported that AMD is also involved with the processor through its Ryzen CPU technology.

People were surprised when renowned chip maker AMD did not announce a new GPU in Computex 2018. It looks like the company shifted strategy this year by relying primarily on Sony’s mighty reputation.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of the PS5? Post an entry in the comments section so that we can discuss this exciting console.

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