PlayStation 5: Eight Interesting Rumors About The PS5

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Since its predecessor has already been in existence for five years now, a lot of people are expecting the PlayStation 5 to be released soon. The hotly-anticipated console device is already assured to be a big seller as PS5 will be the last generation before streaming fully takes over. However, we do not know enough about the sequel to the PlayStation 4 at this point as Sony is being secretive as usual.

Top PlayStation 5 rumors

With the PS5 coming, a lot of unconfirmed rumors have come out. It only makes people more excited about the PlayStation 4 sequel. These are eight of the rumors about the console that may prove to be true:

A wide variety of exclusive titles

Compared to its competitors, the Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 has the better array of exclusive games. The current console generation has The Last of Us, Spiderman, Uncharted and Horizon Zero Dawn among its stable of arrays. That domination will continue with the PlayStation 5, which will likely get the sequels to The Last of Us and Death Stranding.

Improved ease of use

Sony is known for creating interfaces that are easy to use and navigate. It is becoming apparent that the PS5 will still have an interface that is fairly efficient to utilize even for the new gamers.

Consistent 1080P graphics performance

Due to the consistent level of performance of the graphics processing chip, most developers had it easy in creating PlayStation 4 titles in 1080p, according to PC Magazine. If Sony is smart, the company should prioritize achieving this same feat. The company will be one step closer to achieving that as it will use the AMD Navi GPU.

This will definitely give the PlayStation 5 a competitive advantage over the upcoming Xbox Two console. After all, the graphics quality of the games in the current Xbox console top off at 900p.

Topnotch processing performance

If reports about the next PlayStation console are to be believed, it looks like we will be seeing major performance upgrades on the device. This is due to the fact that Sony has enlisted AMD to provide the high-performance Ryzen for its CPU.

Overhaul for the PlayStation Network

Sony will be making major improvements on the PlayStation Network (PSN) in preparation for the launch of the PlayStation 4 sequel. This will come in the form of infrastructure and platform updates.

Possible backwards compatibility

Backwards compatibility will enable gamers to still play old games in the previous PlayStation lineups. It seems that Sony will try to go for this feature for the next PlayStation, according to Daily Star.

Potential 2020 release

Unlike what was previously reported, the PS5 will be arriving sooner than expected. A late 2019 or 2020 release is the most realistic release date as of now.

Price less than $400

Reports say that it will be unlikely for Sony to do major price changes to its console devices. This will result in the PS5 launching with a price of less than $400.

Which of these rumors do you think will turn out to be true once the PlayStation 5 gets released? Will the PS5 console device become a resounding success for Sony? Submit an entry in the comments section below the article.

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