PlayStation 5 Rumored To Have A Surprise Feature, Blockchain Could Power DRM

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To all Sony fans, there’s an exciting rumor that has been circulating around regarding the PlayStation 5 (PS5). The rumor suggests that the said gaming console will have a disc drive.

The “Surprise Feature”

According to reports, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Patcher revealed during an episode of the YouTube series Patcher Report that the PlayStation 5 could feature a disc drive. When people heard this, some doubted this claim and argued that in today’s era of gaming it is important to note that it is now being facilitated online using cloud platforms. Instead of pushing forward to more advanced tech features, giving it a disc drive would not make sense.

On the other side of the fence which supported the claim made by Patcher, they believe that Sony should definitely include a disc drive feature on the PS5 because if not, it could potentially damage the company’s relationship with retailers and hardware manufacturers.

When Is PS5 Coming?

Patcher also gave his analysis on when will the said console be coming. Though he originally claimed that it will be released on 2019, now he thinks that it will be as soon as 2020.

Physical Games In Todays Gaming & DRM

Speaking of not including a disc feature could hurt Sony’s relationship with retailers and hardware manufacturers, an article at Blokt said some interesting things about it. The article suggests that if physical games will still be relevant it could be good news for people who engage in game trade-ins and believes that it’s highly likely that the company is looking forward to taking these trade-ins digital.

The article then points out the patent filed by Sony last April. The patent that was filed explores the use of cryptocurrency blockchain technology to control the digital rights management (DRM) of its future products. It will take DRM out of the hands of third-party operators and instead record it on a blockchain.

But what does this mean to the customers? With the patent, it will ensure that all the content that you have purchased and your rights to it are linked to you forever. It will be safe from hackers and even from Sony.

What are your opinions regarding Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 featuring a disc drive and the company’s plans to control the DRM? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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