PlayStation 5: Drop Date And Features To Expect From Sony’s New Installment

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 has had a good run since its initial release back in 2013. With this being the case, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the Japanese tech giant chooses to produce a new successor, PlayStation 5, to the highly acclaimed console. That’s just what analysts and insiders believe Sony will do, albeit not anytime soon.

PS5 Release Date

According to the latest estimates, Sony will not be debuting the PS5 until 2020 or 2021. This is because the current iteration, which is the PS4 Pro, is still fairly new to the shelves. Another reason is that current advancements, technology-wise, have not caught up with what the company allegedly aims to achieve with the PlayStation 5. This timeline has already been backed up by several known entities in the gaming scene first by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot another in the form of industry analyst Michael Pachter.

However, other rumors claim that the new version will see an unveiling as early as 2018 on E3 this coming June. According to Pocket-Lint, if this speculation holds true, Sony might be gearing up for a soft reveal on the said event with an official debut scheduled the next year. Though interesting to hear, this particular time frame has yet to be given any credibility as Sony has kept mum on the issue of a new console.

PlayStation Backwards Compatibility

In terms of what’s in store for us feature-wise, it’s definitely safe to say that Sony is deep in the conceptualizing phase already and it will surely be worth the wait. One of the most talked-about features that Sony will bring its users in the PlayStation 5 is the backward compatibility feature, which is an attribute that’s experiencing comeuppance courtesy of originator Microsoft.

Similar to the Xbox One, this new feature will enable players to play games from previous installments of the PlayStation console. The patent for the features has already been released after the PS4’s initial outing five years ago. Aside from this, the backward compatibility might be implemented through a PS Plus Subscription service.

PlayStation VR

Another aspect that the PlayStation 5 intends to improve on is the Virtual reality feature. As we all know, the PSVR wasn’t an instant hit with gamers. However, Sony has been coming out with amazing titles specifically directed towards the still fairly unpopular niche, which is slowly increasing its following.

According to Harold Vancol, creative director at Grab Games and the developer of the John Wick VR title, Sony will likely put most of its attention in developing the genre further as they argue, it will be the main selling point of the new console. Aside from this, Vancol also pointed out that Sony will probably not be offering a bundle package for the two hardware to give both products a time to shine individually. However, he adds that the two should be seen as essential to one another and not as separate entities.

Although these new developments are exciting, it still remains to be seen what Sony has in mind for the PlayStation 5 aka PS5. That’s why we advise fans and readers to take these speculations with a grain of salt until proven true.

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