PlayStation 5: Release Date, Features, Price and Other PS5 Rumors

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The PlayStation 5 is arguably one of the most highly anticipated tech products that will come out in the next few years. The PS5 console, which is rumored to be one of the last console generations before streaming fully takes over, is already in development.

PlayStation 5 features

Not much is known about the PlayStation 5 at this point. These are the likely features that will land on the PS5:

More streaming

It has already been revealed that the next console generations will have more streaming functions and components. Just how big streaming will figure out into the PS5 is a matter of debate at this point. We will know about it more when it gets released.

PSN ID change

A lot of players have been requesting for Sony to implement a PSN ID change, according to VG247. If Sony has been listening, we may see it in the PlayStation 5.

PS5 launch games

For a lot of potential PlayStation buyers, the launch titles of the next console generation play a lot into the decision to purchase. The following games are a few of the most likely launch titles for the PlayStation 5:


Starfield, a new single-player role-playing game, is a likely candidate for Sony’s launch lineup. Announced at the E3 2018 conference, it has been described as designed for the next generation of consoles for Microsoft and Sony.

Death Stranding

Kojima Productions is taking its time in the development of Death Stranding. It looks like Death Stranding will be introduced late in the life cycle of the PlayStation 4. But it is becoming obvious that it will be part of the next console as well.

Horizon Zero Dawn sequel

If there is one game that is already a given, it is the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. It is estimated that it will be released in 2020, which puts it around the potential launch frame of the PS5.


A Sony release will not be complete without a FIFA game. What people just do not know right now is what improvements will come.

Price and release date

A few months ago, most reports hint a 2021 or 2022 release for the next PlayStation console. It is becoming apparent that the new console generation will arrive a bit earlier.

It would be unrealistic to expect a drastic change in the price of the next PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 launched with an introductory price of $399. It is only logical to anticipate a price around that same range.

There is a big chance that Sony will be able to finish development of the PS5 by 2019, according to US Gamer. This could mean that the console could already be on sale by the holiday season next year. However, reports also say that there are manufacturing problems that could potentially derail the launch. The safest release year right now is 2020.

What are the features and games that you are looking forward to the most with the PlayStation 5? When do you think will the console’s release date be? Comment below so we will know your thoughts about the upcoming console device.

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