PlayStation 5: PS5 Could Come Before Xbox Two/ Xbox Scarlett

Yves Amodia
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Experts expect the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two or Xbox Scarlett to come in the next few years. The two new generations of the Sony and Microsoft consoles are said to have major streaming components, which means it is going to be an intense race for the companies. Recent reports, however, have indicated that PS5 may arrive first over its Microsoft counterparts.

PlayStation 5 to arrive earlier than Xbox Scarlett

It looks like the PS5 will get an earlier release compared to Xbox Scarlett, according to Investor Place. Various reports hint that the next PlayStation will be in retailers by late 2019. The Japanese company is said to have fast-tracked the development so that it will be able to maximize on the bloated sales of the holiday season.

The Xbox Scarlett, on the other hand, may take two or three more years. Confirmed during the E3 conference in June, the console device may take a longer development cycle. Microsoft has also not issued a potential launch date, which indicates they are still early on in the development phase.

PS5, Xbox Two in development

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that hardware development of both the PS5 and the Xbox Two have already started. Semiconductor maker Advanced Micro Devices or AMD has confirmed that it is working on both the Xbox Two and the PlayStation 5 right now, according to Game Fragger.

AMD president Lisa Su has said that Sony and Microsoft have different approaches to their console development. This statement was obviously said to calm down fans’ fears that the two upcoming consoles would be too similar.

Will PlayStation 5 be released before the Xbox Two or Xbox Scarlett? How different do you think will the new generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles look like with AMD working on them? Post an entry in the comments section below.

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