Portable PlayStation That Features 5G Connectivity Might Launch Along With PlayStation 5

Maricris Jose
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It was on April 27, 2018, when Sony Corporation revealed its FY 2017 financial results. During the said event, the Japanese tech giant interesting and possibly very revealing comment wherein the company suggests that a portable PlayStation that features 5G technology will be launched along with the PlayStation 5.

Sony Corporation FY2017 Financial Result Details

According to T3, the FY2017 financial results are overall good. Nonetheless, when it comes to Sony’s smartphone business, the numbers were undesirably poor. But despite undesirable result fact, Sony is still staying with smartphone business due to 5G technology.

Based on the keynote of the even, the Japanese tech giant is staying in the smartphone business to be able to develop 5G technology as a proficiency that can be utilized across the Sony Group.

Looking at the phrase, it seems that Sony is thinking that a possibly profitable area for 5G technology is the portable gaming, particularly the ones streamed from the cloud. Thus tech enthusiasts conclude that another PlayStation which is portable and features 5G will be launched along with the PlayStation 5.

Portable PlayStation With 5G Feature

The 5G-enabled PSP handheld gaming console will surely feature Sony’s well-developed and emergent PS Now streaming service of games. This will sits impeccably in line with the streaming-heavy prospect of gaming in general. Aside from that, it would place the company flawlessly to win huge the future gaming console war.

Additionally, a 5G PSP wouldn’t be limited by things like the graphics processor (GPU) and that is due to the lighting fast and stable 5G connection. This technology will let the gamers play the best Sony PlayStation titles like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Detroit: Become Human. Not just that, it can surely manage even the most graphically demanding cross-platform new video games like the Red Dead Redemption 2 with each of the titles streamed straightly from the cloud.

What do you think of a portable PlayStation with the 5G feature? Share your thoughts with us through the comment section below.

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