PlayStation 5 Listed On Retail Site For $1,470

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A retail site in the Middle East listed an interesting item – the Sony’s PlayStation 5. In the site, it listed some interesting details regarding its some details price, specs, features and release date.

A Bit Pricey

According to Segment Next, the PlayStation 5 was seen listed on a retailer site in called Homeshopping based in Pakistan. On the site, the said gaming console comes with a 1 TB memory storage and costs Rs 100,000 ($1,470). As for its availability, it was labeled as “coming soon” but the site expects that it will be on 2020.

PS5 Specs and Features

There were also other details as well listed on the site like its specs and features. According to the retailer site, the PlayStation 5 will feature greater power and 4K capabilities that will surpass the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. For its CPU processing power, it will be featuring something called optical processing which is set to control exascale optical supercomputers capable of counting at the speed of light.

Regarding its memory specs, the device will feature two types of RAM; 3D Stacked RAM and NRAM. The 3D Stacked RAM will stack different layers upon each other which in return offer an ever-increasing number of terminals to store information. On the other hand, the NRAM is a non-unstable memory innovation in view of carbon nanotube that’s set for release this year.

Next feature on the list is a number of pictures featuring the PS5’s controller. The site suggests that the upcoming gaming console will deliver the “best virtual reality experience”. It will come with Dual Shock 5 where it has three modes; Classic Mode, VR Mode and Add Screen mode.  As for its functions, it will have:

  • Controller split system where you can split a single controller into two.
  • RGB LEDs motion sensing.
  • Finger sensor
  • Smartphone insert accessory
  • Touchpad and Keypad

So what do you guys think about the details listed regarding PlayStation 5 on the retailer site? Do share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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