PlayStation 5: Four Reasons That Would Delay Sony’s Launch of PS5

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Even though PlayStation 5 is happening for sure, details about it are limited. Experts suggest that 2019 is the earliest possible year a generational leap in console power is possible. However, factors like cost and technology used might push back the time frame further to 2020.

PlayStation 4 launched five years after PS3. Similarly, Xbox One came out eight years after Xbox 360. It is therefore not surprising if PlayStation 5 comes out in 2019 or even 2020. There is still immense uncertainty and we have no concrete answers as yet. The sales of PS4 are on a downward spiral. It is hence possible that Sony will not delay the launch of PlayStation 5 beyond 2020. However, the possibility of PS5 hitting the market in 2018 is bleak and listed below are four main reasons:

Technological Hurdles to be Cleared

While there are talks of Mark Cerny approaching developers and discussing next-gen PlayStation, there are technological hurdles to be cleared. Smaller and denser process for manufacturing the main processor of the system is the main requirement.

The second obstruction is the memory, which needs to be new and fast. Memory bandwidth and storage ability are other facets that make the generational leap difficult to attain.

Time Required to Attain Efficiency

All console manufacturers now use 16nm FinFET production process from TSMC, the Taiwanese chip manufacturing giant. The technology used by PlayStation 5 and also the upcoming Xbox Two will be TSMC’s next 7nm FinFET technology. Since this process of technology needs at least a year to achieve a high level of efficiency, 2019 or 2020 is the year the generational leap is likely to happen.

High Cost of Memories

HBM and GDDR6 are the two memory technologies required for a new console. Though HBM is available in the market, it is extremely costly for Sony as well as for Microsoft. GDDR6 is a better option and mass production for this is likely to happen later this year. Since Sony and Microsoft have demanded millions of devices, the production will require time to reach that kind of level. Memory prices are constantly increasing. The next generation machine can acquire RAM of 12GB, 18GB, and 24GB RAM as well. However, it will only add to the already high cost.

AMD to Wrap Production in Late 2018

PS5 will have an all-new octa-core APU featuring AMD’s vaunted Zen microarchitecture. Since AMD will start production of consumer-grade GPU Navi GPUs only later this year, mass production of APUs that are Zen-based and features Navi GPU cores will happen only in mid or late 2019.

PlayStation 5 is certainly the next best generational leap and we hope that Sony launches it sooner than we think is possible. What is your wish list for the upcoming gaming console from Sony? Share with us in the comment section below.

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