PlayStation 5: Seven Potential Launch Games of the Next Console

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With both Microsoft and Nintendo working hard to launch their next-generation consoles, the Sony team working on the PlayStation 5 is just coasting through. Rumored to be for release in 2020, the PS5 is already shaping up to be an exciting product.

Possible launch games for the PlayStation 5

Since the Xbox already announced a potential launch title lineup for its next release in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018, one wonders what the initial games for the PS5 as well. These are seven games that may be part of the launch lineup:

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

No official announcement has been released about a sequel yet but the massively popular game is already sure to have a follow-up. After all, the first Horizon Zero Dawn is the best-selling original property on the PlayStation 4. This will mean that Sony will work hard to clinch the sequel for its next big console, according to US Gamer.

Ghost of Tsushima

This is another entry that is rumored to be part of the PlayStation 5 launch lineup. Made by famed developer Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima is being talked about as the next massive game in the industry. It is set in 1274 Japan, with samurais attempting to survive in a quest against the Mongol army.

The Last of Us: Part II

As a highly anticipated sequel, having The Last of Us: Part II as a launch title will pay off for Sony. A partnership with Sony makes sense considering that first entry debuted on the PlayStation 3. This post-apocalyptic sequel has gamers excited ever since it was announced two years ago.

Battlefield PS5

A PlayStation console will not be complete without a new Battlefield game. Reports say that there will be at least one Battlefield title in the next PlayStation. After all, every single game in the series has been made available in the console devices of Sony since 2013.

Final Fantasy 7 remake

The inclusion of a Final Fantasy 7 remake will greatly boost the sales of the next PlayStation. The original entry in the series did that for the PlayStation in 1997, after all. Since Final Fantasy VII is considered by many as among the greatest war games of all time, a remake would add some prestige to the console.

Gran Turismo installment

There is a huge possibility that a Gran Turismo entry will be the new racing game that will grace the launch title lineup for the PS5. It has been close to a year since the release of the Gran Turismo Sport, which means that a 2020 installment for the follow-up is likely.

Death Stranding

This upcoming game was announced at the E3 2016 and it has a big chance of launching with the PlayStation 5. Just the trailers and previews have already inspired excitement among gamers and it looks like it may be a huge success when it hits consoles in the next few years.

Which of these seven potential launch games for the PlayStation 5 are you most excited about? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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