PlayStation 5 Could Feature Cartridge Format, PS5 Prototype Photo Leaked

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Gather around Sony fans, we got new leaks and rumors for you regarding the PlayStation 5 (PS5). This time around, a Sony patent was spotted hinting that the next-gen console could feature a cartridge format. The other piece of news is that photos of an earlier PS5 prototype were leaked.

The Patent

According to reports, Dutch site TechTastic revealed a Sony patent for an “electronic game cartridge” filed in South Korea last year with Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service (KIPRIS). Take a look at this photo which definitely looks cartridge-based and also shares some similarities to a memory card. Moreover, the patent mentions that the cartridge will be made out of metal and synthetic resin.

Although some reports speculate that this patent could be related to the PS5, there have also been other reports connecting it with the PlayStation Vita which was launched back in 2011 and will be discontinued next year. Back in May this year, Sony’s John Kodera mentioned this:

In my opinion, rather than separating portable gaming from consoles, it’s necessary to continue thinking of it (portable gaming) as one method to deliver more gaming experiences and exploring what our customers want from portable… We want to think about many options.

Given Nintendo’s success with the Nintendo Switch, it makes sense that Sony will try to find some success on this type of console and may want to update their PS Vita or release a successor. But then again, when it comes to patents, some may not even see the light of day and will be forever locked inside a vault somewhere. So we could be expecting for nothing.

The Prototype

On other news, according to a report, Russian site Rozetked that’s well-known for Pixel 3 leaks got hold of images of an early prototype PS5. Rozetked stated that they got the pictures from an anonymous source and can’t vouch for its authenticity. Moreover, the prototype is now working only in bootloader mode.

However, a few hours later, the Russian site updated their article. They said that the photos turned out to be fake.

What are your thoughts about the Sony patent mentioned? Is it for the PS5 or PS Vita? Tell us in the comment section below.

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