PlayStation 5 Coming? PlayStation Experience 2018 Cancellation A Hint?

Yves Amodia
10:07 PM

Unless you have been living under the rock, you should already know how much excitement the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 inspires among people. But with the cancellation of the PlayStation Experience 2018 event, a few rumors spread that Sony does not have release plans yet.

PlayStation 5 release soon?

However, if reports are to believed, it looks like the cancellation of the PlayStation Experience should be taken as a positive indication instead. While the cancellation does not have to anything to do with PS5, the event does hint that Sony is trying to save more money. In fact, it is really more of an action to limit expenses, according to Comic Book.

The cost-cutting measure of Sony can mean that the company feels more than ever the increasingly competitive market space. Those who are excited for the PS5 should take this positively as this results in more money for the development of the next console of the company.

The PlayStation Experience is one of the most highly-awaited events in the Japanese-owned company on an annual basis. After all, it is where the company unveiled games like the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite and The Last of Us Part II in the past years.

A lot of people were expecting that we will see a lot of new updates and games on the PS5. Among them are Death Stranding, Dreams and Day Gone.

Potential PS5 release

As Sony prepares for the potential PlayStation 5 release, it is worth looking into the possible features. A lot of developers have requested Sony to take performance and visuals seriously. It looks we will have to wait until 2019 before we will see the console, according to Express UK.

Do you think the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 has anything to do with the cancellation of the PlayStation Experience 2018? What will this mean for the other players in the video game console industry? Post your thoughts below.

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