Sony PlayStation 5 To Release With Cloud-Based Storage Feature

Harsh Soni
3:06 PM

Gamers are waiting for the next generation of video game consoles. The PlayStation 5 is almost in everyone’s wishlist. However, Sony is playing its cards close to its chest, so there is no concrete information about PS5 for a while yet. In the middle of this, Final Fantasy game’s director Hajime Tabata has shared his insights on what shape the new console will take.

Tabata, who is the director of one of the most beloved games, “Final Fantasy” franchise, revealed to in an interview that “Since movies and music are already in the cloud, I imagine the games will be next.” Since the current setup of music and movie streaming industry is highly dependent on cloud tech, it will not be surprising that developers add online storage as a new feature for upcoming gaming consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two.

Sony’s recent innovation in PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 took the gaming experience to the next level by enabling online gameplay. So it is possible that upcoming PlayStation 5 to boast an online cloud-based storage

Latest reports and rumor suggest that the Sony PlayStation 5 will boast built in as standard 4K Blu-ray player. Right now, PS4 Pro is available in 500GB and 1TB option, but reportedly the file sizes of popular games are ballooning as the games like Battlefield and Call of Duty easily consume more than 50GB of space. Therefore, the tech giant will reportedly increase the storage capacity of its 5th edition of gaming console

Sony will also make other improvements on upcoming console’s overall performance by shipping the ship quality PlayStation 5 graphics. The tech giant is presently using a high-end AMD Radeon graphics card in the PS4 Pro, so it is expected to get a higher and newer version of the graphics card in Sony’s next console. The release date for next generation of consoles is yet to be revealed. However, speculations claim that it will be released in two years.

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