PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two Arriving Sooner Than Expected, New Financial Tallies Indicate

Jasper Valdez
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Many of us are now convinced that the next generation of consoles are not coming until three or two years from now -given that technology has yet to catch up with the platforms’ ideals. However, it seems like the case is opposite of what we thought as Sony and Microsoft’s latest financial results indicate.

In Sony’s most current report, it showed that unit sales of the PlayStation 4 are already on the decline. While the drop isn’t too big, there’s still a significant decrease of 1 million from the 19 million last financial year when compared to 20 million the year before. This lead many to speculate and believe that the tech giant might already be thinking of rushing the development of the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

According to Sony, the sale of the PS4 is expected to drop even more the next 12 months, raking up to 4 million in unsold units. Though this is the case, Sony doesn’t seem too bothered by it. They say that although console sales are dropping, software sales are expected to soar higher -ultimately making up for the drop in unit sales. Despite this, the best course of action for Sony is getting the next console ready, which, if rumors are to be trusted, is already on the way.

Meanwhile, for Microsoft, the latest financial details reveal that the Redmond-based equipment manufacturer is putting emphasis on Gaming, Search, and AI engineering -investing 5% more on the said ventures than other endeavors.

If you can recall, earlier this week a report from Thurrott revealed that Microsoft is focusing on the development of the Xbox Two by investing on hardware and content than ever before – in a bid to close the gap with its rival Sony. Now, that rumor is pretty much confirmed.

With this in mind, it seems like Microsoft really intends to go face-to-face with Sony, which only means that they’ll probably be releasing the Xbox 2head or a little over the PS5. If this is indeed the case, that’s more good news for us. However, as always, we urge fans to take these new developments with a grain of salt as, while they are fundamental, they are in no way a surefire way to predict the arrival of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two.

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